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Some of our previous work

Wealth Associates South Africa
Wealth Associates South Africa required a website to showcase and promote the group of eight companies. This responsive solution caters for all of them and each subsidiary has a home on this website
Free State Arts Festival
The Free State Arts Festival required a website where you could quickly browse available shows. We created a javascript solution for both desktop and mobile users.
Innova Turnkey Solutions
Innova makes the complicated process of designing, developing and building large scale projects effortless. We wanted to portray this in their website.
With ever changing prices in the catering industry, Catro required a catalogue and quote request system for users to quickly and easily request quotes.
As a bespoke airline, Skycab's website needed to tell visitors quickly what they are about. We achieved this with a quick 10 second animation, which redirects to the website.
Prime Auctions
This company required a unique solution to display properties going up for auction as the industry is dominated by large companies who charge exhuberent monthly fees for similar systems.
African Wildlife Artistry
In the competitive taxidermy industry, we needed to show visitors why African Wildlife Artistry is the absolute best. Large display of their trophys and a bespoke gallery solved this problem.
South African Journal of Art History
With this website we wanted to showcase this publication for what it is, and for what a user can expect once they download a journal.

Digital Interactivity

Social Media Marketing is a wonderful way to get potential customers' attention, and once you have it, send them to a Rocket Launch Pad interactive platform. We produce high quality websites and Android and IOS applications.


Animation, media and design

We proudly use Blender open source 3D software and Adobe Cloud software to deliver premium grade web content. From concept through execution and distribution, the Rocket Launch Pad can make you feel at home online. For smaller content-managed sites we use Wordpress to deliver a seamless updating experience.

Web applications

We enrich the online experience by creating pleasing systems and designs that are visually appealing and easy to use. Tested & established technologies provide a seamless experience so you can stay relevant.

About the Rocket Launch Pad

Inspired by the growing need for digital products, Silver Rocket Creative started the Rocket Launch Pad. This collaboration brings about a full service offering for customers.

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